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Ibragim Shanaev speaks about his feeling of infinite space around originated in early childhood. If today a person measures the speed of quanta and fixes the birth of planets, then what is a complete picture of the world for an artist? His numerous works are evidence of the long journey of an amazing painter and graphic artist to his particular language and to the discovery of his creative logos. The author proceeds from the biophysics of things trying to understand the logic of how the poplar is grown or how the form of a mountain is made as well as even how the thread of memories winds through the wise life of a woman and with what colors the world is painted at these moments. Ibragim Shanaev creates a unique, synthetic method of development by changing the nature of perception. The macrocosm, in which atoms of matter and sense atoms simultaneously live, is born from contrasting or monochrome points, lines, spots. Moreover, he invites us to become his co-authors. Traveling in the single space of the artist's canvases, obedient to talent, we become them and see the bathers splashing in the waves of full glare, clouds floating over the tops of the mountains and two women silently contemplate the sunset. The infinite cosmos of life is blessed and there is no place for disintegration and chaos in it. 

The artist's style is a benefit of natural temperament and almost mathematical, creative and full of intuition analysis. Strongly built canvases and graphic sheets in each point carry high energy as well as are full of creative emotions that cannot but get a response. His “Beast” is astounding. A dog or a wolf - the personification of the creature of God - is at first deceptively frightening, then it pleases with a living unification with a wonderful landscape. But if the viewer is not in a hurry to move away from the picture, he will see in it the most important thing: confusion in the eyes of the dumb creature and his quiet prayer - just love! 

The biblical story of the burning bush re-read by the artist formed the basis of the painting "Burning Bush". The blackthorn is flaming but not burning and crying: turn around! But the passer does not hear the voice of the Lord who is also addressed to all of us, living, being in the need in entertainment today more than ever — in enlightening and healing the spirit.


A sole tree, 1998

Вертикальная конструкция человека0.jpg

Vertical construction of a man, 1998


The burning plant, 2001

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