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A sole tree, 1998
Oil on canvas

91x80 cm

  This semi-abstract, semi-figurative landscape painted by Ibragim Shanaev is the artist's attempt to capture the fleeting visual associations that allude to the landscape he once saw - a lonely tree in the mountains. He combines several impressions in a single painting, as a multiple-exposure photograph. His way of presenting all the shapes geometrically and the lack of realistic modeling prove that the artist uses the cubism devises, and besides, the bright contrasting colors saturate the whole composition with exotic mood.


Shanaev conveys the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality of the surface using perspective and light-and-shade. This unusual interpretation of the landscape appeals not only to your fascination with the painting due to its technical or intellectual execution, but it also can provide you with positive vibe and emotions it provokes.

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